Dulevo 5000 Combi Ride On Sweeper

Dulevo 5000 Combi Ride On Sweeper

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This is the only industrial leaf sucker, street sweeper and washer on the market that allows maneuverability, economy and easy serviceability along with superior sweeping and washing performance.

You might be in need of a high productivity, all-round sweeper that offers 100% dust control and low operating costs, in which case the Dulevo 5000 Combi sweeper will meet your needs perfectly.

Compared to traditional sweepers, the Dulevo 5000 Combi sweeps and washes up to three times faster. Having the option to use the machine also as a street washer means you can do two services with the same machine.

The industrial and street sweeper and washer Dulevo 5000 Combi offers environmentally friendly dust control in ports, airports, yards, agricultural markets, cement, masonry, brick making companies, aluminium and glass plants, and other businesses, such as cement plants.

It is the first time a machine has been designed from the ground up to meet all the demands of the most demanding users.

The latest sound suppression technology inside and outside the cabin makes the new industrial and street sweeper and washer Dulevo 5000 Combi compact, quiet, comfortable and easy to drive.

The industrial and street sweeper Dulevo 5000 Combi is designed for both sweeping roads and factories. You can use it inside or outside in wet or dry conditions.

The model is able to clean even with parked cars due to its large capacity, rear ramp or front ramp, and extendable arm.

Dulevo 5000 Combi can sweep and wash your sidewalks and streets with ease, pushing all types of debris out on the road quietly and efficiently.

Unlike any other large size sweeper on the market, the Dulevo 5000 Combi can sweep and wash in one machine.

The Dulevo 5000 Combi can be supplied with the PM10-compliant Gore dust filter in applications that are very dusty, providing the best dust control available on the global market.

As well as being dust-free, the sweeper filter is maintenance-free as well.

As the world's most environmentally friendly machine, it is fully compliant with PM10 requirements, 100% dust free, and 100% clean.

Dulevo 2000

The Dulevo 2000 is a high-performance and compact suction sweeper with excellent capabilities.

Dulevo 2000 is an extremely easy to use and very fast sweeping machine that is perfect for cleaning densely packed areas that are difficult to access, such as pedestrian areas, sidewalks, cycling paths, and car parks.

The Dulevo 2000 road sweeper has the following characteristics and advantages:

Large-sized, high-performance tyres make it extremely agile on or off the pavement

Operator comfort and ergonomics: This machine features a spacious cabin and comfortable seats for a highly productive environment

Dulevo 2000 is a hydraulic-powered machine without any electronic components

The Dulevo 2000 sweeper is powerful and silent, so that it can be used at any time of day or night to sweep, wet and suction without disturbing other people

An engine is located in the center of the machine, completely enclosed from dust, allowing the radiator to maintain optimal cooling, weight distribution, and stability under any condition.

It has a robust tubular steel body designed for high resistance

The vehicle can be steered with four wheels, with the ability to park by blocking the rear wheels. Its wide working area, a SS waste collection container, a water tank capacity, and optional accessories make it perfect for the management of municipal as well as public and private company needs.


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