Dulevo 5000 Evolution

Dulevo 5000 Evolution

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Dulevo 5000 Evolution is our largest, most powerful sweeping machine, ideal for daily road sweeping in public areas. The Dulevo 5000 Evolution is able to operate in the most demanding applications and weather conditions whilst caring for the environment. Thanks to its unique combined mechanical vacuum collection system it is the perfect solution for the most demanding of cleaning requirements. Delivering unmatched cleaning standards and maximum productivity combined with low operating costs. The exclusive patented steering system operates on all four wheels, reducing the turning circle to a minimum making it the most maneuverable machine in its class and eliminating loss of debris when turning.

5000 Evolution, mechanical-suction, the Dulevo solution

The 5000 Evolution has combined mechanical-vacuum system which gives the benefits of both methods of operation, making it ideal for the majority of urban applications, whatever the season. In summer for sweeping road dust, sand and litter. During the autumn with its leaves and pine needles or even during the coldest winter conditions.

Greater Manoeuvrability
The newly designed cab with large and front side windows, a car type right hand driving position, big wing mirrors and power steering make the machine simple to use, no matter how difficult the situation is.

The exclusive patented steering system operates on all four wheels, reducing the turning circle to the minimum and eliminating the loss of debris when turning, which is a typical defect of machines not equipped with this type of steering. The rear hydraulic three level suspension makes possible to optimise the set up of the machine either in working or transfer mode.

Unique patented steering
Simplified maintenance is important for reducing costs: a target achieved with the 5000 Evolution! All the main components are grouped together in the engine compartment which is easily accessible by tilting the cab.

Polyester/cotton filter fabric
The filter fabric offers a large surface of over 22 sqm which allows long working periods without the danger of becoming clogged. The Dulevo filter, in a rot proof fabric made from mix of polyester (73%) and cotton (27%), is practically indestructible and ensures perfect filtering down to 3 Micron. The filtration system also includes an effective filter shaker operating directly from the drivers position. Operated hydraulically before dumping the hopper, the filter shaker vigorously strikes the metal filter tensioning rods, shaking the elements in all directions ensuring the complete separation of the dust from the fabric. The loosened dust then falls inside the hopper.

The combined mechanical-vacuum system
The collection system starts with the side brushes which transfers dust and debris into the centre of the machine where a large diameter cylindrical main brush throws everything forward onto a high speed vertical conveyor. The conveyor in turn transfers the collected materials into the top of the waste hopper, thereby optimising the load capacity of the vehicle.

The dust lifted by the main brush during its mechanical working phase is drawn into the hopper by the vacuum created in the hopper by two powerful fans. The patented filter system, made of polyester/cotton fabric, traps the finest dust and completes the sweeping cycle ensuring that only clean air is exhausted into the environment. The side brushes which are positioned outside the vacuum system only require a small quantity of water sprayed onto them to control the dust. The water spray system consists of a stainless steel water tank which via a membrane pump sends water to the nozzles positioned near the side brushes and the front extendable brush.

Main cylindrical brush
The main brush assembly, suspended from its centre and perfectly balanced which allows it to “float” and therefore to follow the road surface whatever the conditions. The ground pressure is adjustable and kept constant thanks to an efficient hydraulic system that allows the brush to “read” the surface configuration. This system is particularly efficient for uneven city road surfaces.

Extending front brush
The extending front brush ensures efficient cleaning of side walks and difficult to reach areas that cannot be reached with the normal side brushes. The brush swing of 180° to the right or left side is operated by a joystick placed on the cab door, in a apposition hat avoids distracting the operator whilst driving. The front brush is hydraulically adjustable in all its functions – height, reach and tilt. In case of impact, efficient magnetic sensors operate the withdrawal of the brush, which is also equipped with additional mechanical protection against damage.

More effective sweeping
A sweeping system that combines the benefits of the mechanical collection with those of the vacuum system. The side brushes and the main cylindrical brush mechanically load the debris inside the hopper by the means of a vertical conveyor; vacuum is used simultaneously to keep the dust constantly under control. A simple patented system that is able to collect and load over half a tonne of debris per minute, which allows the collection of a wide range of debris, from the finest dust to more voluminous objects such as bottles, large gravel and even fruit or vegetable market boxes. This system enables the 5000 Evolution to work at up to three times the speed of a traditional non-combined sweeper. Manual loading is a thing of the past as are problems caused by blockages that are typically associated with other systems. For the cleaning of drains and road curb openings the 5000 Evolution is equipped with a rear mounted vacuum wander hose, which utilises the same vacuum and filtering system as used in the sweeping mode. The system is simple and convenient to use and is ideal for the collection of debris in difficult to reach areas.

It slaves away without wasting a single drop of water
The 5000 is used to hard work. Designed for heavy industrial applications, capable of non-stop three shift working, the 5000 can operate completely “dust free” without the use of water sprays thereby enabling it to work in sub zero temperatures if required. Industrial versions of the 5000 are unmatched for sweeping large areas, especially if debris is heavy or very fine dusts are present and the use of water must be avoided (for example in cement plants or coal terminals).

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Sweeping width with side brushes



Sweeping width with side brushes and third brush



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